Day 82 – Getting closer.

The wind is too strong. We spend most of the day in the sleeping bag drifting SSE until 4.30pm. I take advantage of that break to repair my dry suit. The idea to continue in this environment with a big hole on the trousers would definitely affect my mood. Then our sailing opportunity starts! 2 reefs in the main, the small foc. We are on the way! Still, we zig zag quite a lot and even trek some big patches of ice. And we get to meet a young polar bear!!

Our plan is to keep on sailing the whole night if we manage to find water free of ice. It isn’t the case so we push it as much as we can. We stop when it becomes hard to see. It’s 10.15pm.
Guys! We are 19,5nm from Sachs Harbor. 

Plan is to wake up at 3pm and try to make to the village. Before the wind gets too much in our face…

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  1. Just heard you made it! Congratulations on a huge effort in harsh conditions.
    The AMOC is turning cold (half a c.63yr full oceanic temperature cycle). Last time, 1970s, a new ice age was being predicted. By some who now predict noArctic ice or maybe 1million km2. Your observations and such as the Swedish Icebreaker at the Pole, should advance our understanding, so thank you all very much. Hope you had fun too!. The plastic count will be interesting as well.
    From Brett Keane, NZ, with admiration to you all.

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