Day 81 – Last day? No.

The alarm rings, Jack Johnson is playing. It’s 4.30am. Listening to his music makes me happy. However I don’t find happiness waking up at 4.30 though surrounded by moisture 😅. If we would have had a device to measure the moisture for the past 2 weeks, it would have exploded 😂

After putting on our cold dry suit, we hit the water. It’s 6.30am. There is in front of us two options:  1- going straight towards Sachs Harbor which means hitting the ice again soon before finding some water in the end. 2- going towards the SE/S in order to go around the major ice but longer route. The idea is to be in Sachs before the lo pressure of the 8th. We go South. 

By mid day, we find ourselves locked into the ice. Again!! Seb goes « I am sorry guys..». I have the feeling that our chances to reach land are really decreasing. We are now heading NE and spent the rest of the afternoon battling mainly on the ice chasing dark grey clouds. It’s tough! I even get to tear my dry suit when I jump in the back of the boat. The hole is on the left leg and it’s about 4inches long. « Dam it! » I will have to repair it as soon as I can…

« Polar bear! ». A polar bear is on the distance. We get ready but he runs away from us, maybe scared since the sails are up in the air. We finally find some open water that allows us to sail. Bearing: 60 degrees. It’s already late and dark. We are still far away from the warm water of a shower. We will have to camp on a good patch of ice. It’s 9pm. In between two stretches of water, we are back on the ice. It’s becoming even darker. Suddenly we pass by a dead young polar bear lying on the ground, covered with snow and blood. Around him, there are tracks of a much bigger bear who might have killed the youngster. The atmosphere is heavy. That place is freaking wild!! 

9.45pm, we find a patch of ice to camp. We’ve been going for more than 15hours non stop. What a wild day! 10.30pm, it’s now pitch black. We are 30nm from Sachs Harbor. 

The winter is approaching…

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