Day 79 – 5nm on a grey day…

Today we start and then stop by mid day since the wind is against us. We set camp and chill waiting for a turn. We start again in the end of the afternoon. It’s grey, foggy and wet. It looks like the Arctic Ocean will tease us all the way to the soil of Banks island. We do 5nm, only. At least in the right direction and 0,2knots of drift with us. The terrain is now more challenging. The ice is being compressed and we are surrounded by various ridges where big blocks are pushed against each other. The three of us fall through the ice and bath, at least to the hip. Eric establishes a new record, water nearly to the top of the chest zip. 

10.26pm, the « Chili con Carne » is served while we hear the noise of the rain on the carbon fiber above our head. Clic, clic, clic, clic, clic…

Good news is: we are 37nm from land and 50 from Sachs.

Bonne nuit from « moisture hotel »!

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