Day 78 – A mother and two cubs!!

There is a low pressure coming in few days so we’ll try to make to land before September 8th. It’s been 78 days that we are out and I feel slightly sad about not experiencing a great polar bear moment during daylight. These animals fascinates me!

So I tell the guys « On my side guys, I don’t mind staying a little longer on the ice so we can expand our chances to see some polar bears ». I am also aware that we have to progress as the low pressure is building up on the forecast. Off we go. The day starts on the ice trekking on the side of the boat.

It’s still morning when… we sail on a small stretch of water. I am in the back steering, Eric is in the front and Seb near by the mast scouting the route. The magic happens. Suddenly Seb shouts « A mother and two cubs!! » « Let’s get ready! ». The flares are ready and the riffle is loaded. However, our intentions aren’t to use any of them. Just our cameras.

We hope to sail close enough from them and take few shots before leaving them in peace. We are getting closer. Seb is now steering, Eric and I are busy with the cameras. The mother is approaching to the ice edge while the two cubs are safely in the back. The cubs are fatty! The mother is skinny though. The stretch of water is closing out in front of us so we have to upwind and then down again to enjoy watching them again. We do this circle, 3-4 times. The scene is incredible.

Light is perfect and we get at about 50 feet from the mother. What a charismatic animal! She’s looking straight at us. We can hear her breathing. Then, we tack again back to a small channel of water going SE and away from them. We surely keep an eye on our back just in case the mother told the cubs that she was going to get them 3 « French Croissant » for breakfast 😂😂😂.

What a day! Stocked! And my hip is feeling better. 

We are now 43nm from land. Yeeewwwww!

Ps: when I see beautiful animals like this in their natural habitat, I feel very fortunate. One question remains in my head though. Why aren’t we seriously taking actions to reduce our carbon footprint and better control the warming temperatures of this beautiful planet

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