Day 74-75-76 – 20nm, 10 and then 20 again.

For the past three days, we cover 50nm, 90% of the time sailing and pulling « Babouch-Ty » on the ice. Couple of 20nm days are long and tiring, about 11 hours. We are much safer here on good ice rather than on the ice edge or at sea! A gale is on its way for the 5th…

The previous low pressure has brought some snow which is covering lots of melted ponds. These ponds are like a big smoothies. Many times per day while walking, we go through them. You feel good walking on the side of the boat and suddenly you are straight sinking into that thick « flush soup ». Delicious. Arctic Ocean, what would we become without you? 

We are now 69nm from the solid ground of Banks Island! I think we « might » deserve a fresh beer when we get to Sachs Harbor? And if we were to go for a liquor/cocktail, that will be without ice! Let’s not sell the skin before having the bear shot though…

Cheers ⛵️❄️💨✌️

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