Day 72 – Anxious night.

The wind is too strong to progress so we stay on our small patch of ice. No sailing today. We still drift, crazy!

At least in the good direction towards Banks Island. The swell is growing. In the middle of the afternoon, we hear the sound of a big crack. Our patch is now in two pieces!

Few hours later, another crack splits our base. And the swell goes on. It’s grey, dark and wet. How is our night gonna be? We decide to take turns and stay awake.

From 1.15am until 2.15am, I am reading one of Frederic Lenoir’s book. It is about happiness and helps me to stay positive in that raw and wild moment. Fortunately, it looks that the patch is stable, still going up and down. We sleep until 8am.

The weather is actually good in the morning… We discover a chaos of ice around us. Our patch got even broken one more time. It is now 40 by 60 feet. Better leave this place.

.On days like this, I really feel that the Arctic Ocean is playing with us like if we were 3 fragile rag-dolls. 

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