Day 71 – Alternative.

Today, we have decided to change our final destination. It is now the village of Sachs Harbor on Banks Islands. 

Why? Because crossing to Tuktoyaktuk means approx. 80nm in open water and being on the low pressure track coming from the West. We start feeling that the claws of the winter are approaching. The three of us aren’t willing to end up there with our 23 footer catamaran/home. 

On the other hand, the route to Sachs Harbor is mostly covered with ice so we can shelter ourselves if we need to. Too much ice coud also considerably slow us down. So it’s a fine line where we need to find the right balance.

In both cases, we still need to sail and ski towards the SE. You know what? We are drifting 0,8 kn towards the SE! 

00.33am, it’s getting darker. Bonne nuit!

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