Day 68-69-70 – It isn’t over, yet.

We sail from 74*47 to 73*41 for the past 3 days. Our best progress is 93 nm in 30 hours! We go towards the SE along the ice edge. The West side is completely free of ice whereas the East side is frozen. We are right in between these two worlds.

We are so vulnerable and depending on good weather windows. We can’t take too much weather both on open water and on broken ice. These situations put us in tricky position. So it’s a matter of finding the right balance. 

At that point, we wish to reach Tuktoyaktuk in a near future. Let’s hope the Arctic Nature will let us travel South, safely. “Tuk” is now 270nm from us. 

Tomorrow, we are hoping to progress SE. However, in the afternoon, we must head E in order to shelter ourselves from a gale forecasted for Wednesday. We have to find a good patch of ice solid enough to stand some swell. It means going far inside the ice since all the edge is too weak. Once the spot found, we’ll be waiting for the wind to calm down before rising the sails again. 

The swell that travels through the ice is powerful and really impressive. It breaks the ice into pieces and make them move. Not a place you want to be with a boat. 

Is our journey towards the South tougher than our original plan to go North? One thing remains in our head: “the adventure is not over”.

Let’s hope for good weather…


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  1. Vincent! Hope you guys are well and are arriving to Canada well and soon …….
    Looking forward to catch up. Would you guys be comfortable if we come to Tuktoyaktuk?
    Best Nils

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