Day 67 – We had to.

Guys, we had to leave our patch of ice and sail North!!! Geeezzzz!! Game isn’t over. 

Last night, eating a good “Chili con carne” inside our warm sleeping bag, we feel the boat moving. A big crack in the ice just opened up 20 feet in front of the boat. Basically, we are sitting on this small drifting patch of ice in the middle of the Beaufort sea. It’s darker and grey. The atmosphere is heavy. 

The wind rises and the swell builds up. We go out to see. Some ice floes are being washed ashore right behind of the boat. The swell is now travelling through the entire frozen area. Another crack splits our patch 10 feet away on port side. We put on our dry suit. It’s nearly midnight, we leave the patch. Unfortunately we can’t go straight in the water, we would have the wind and the swell against us. So we quickly jump from one patch to another. Everything is moving now, it’s a matter a waiting for the best timing. 30 minutes later, high five in between the three of us. We are safe at sea. 

However, our only option is to go North!! And get shelter on ice more dense. The wind is too strong to continue towards the South-Est. Can you believe this? So we sail through the night looking for frozen ground. In the morning, the weather is good. Feels good! 

40nm later, 9.30am, we see a potential good ice edge. “Let’s go inside that belt and find a good spot!” declares Seb. We all agree. The swell is travelling through the entire area, again. We are at least away from the edge this time. So it gets more filtered. One hour later, we find a spot. Time for breakfast and coffee! Not very long until a crack splits our patch in two pieces. Right in the back of the boat (on today’s photo). The weather is still good so the atmosphere isn’t as heavy as last night…

Lesson? Better not selling the skin before having the bear shot. Expedition isn’t over and the Arctic Ocean continues to play with the 3 stinky explorers. “Arctic Ocean, would you please be so kind and let us travel down South for a beer and a shower? Tuktoyaktuk is 350nm from us…

The adventure continues! 

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