Day 62/63 – Saga to the South.

The Northern wind is pushing us down, sometimes up to 7,5knots. We are in the 75 degrees North! It’s crazy to think that few days ago we were at 79*35North climbing up degrees after 58 days of efforts. Hmmm the wind… 

One after the other, we are doing watches. And again, and again… Currently, we stop late the evenings, to get few hours of sleep time and hit the water again early morning. 

The Beaufort sea is more and more open. It is about 20% of ice in the area. We are trying to stay close to an ice edge going SE as we don’t want to end in completely open water. First, Staying close to the ice edge protects us from building swells which could be tricky to handle for 24 feet « Babouch-Ty ». Second, we need to be able to collect fresh water regularly. 

Tuktoyaktuk is now 446nm away from us. 

On our way to a shower and a beer!

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  1. Hey MDF Vince…you sound very upbeat (of course..always) and on the way to the beer stop…I can only imagine what an adventure you have had – living the dream my friend, as always….you are my inspiration…

    Thinking of you every day. Gros bisous YDF Maria

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