Day 59 – Few hours, 20nm.

It’s day 59. But it’s our day 1 going South, by choice. All the other time we went there, it was because of the drift. 

The wind is still blowing from the North. In our case going towards Tuktoyaktuk, it means tailwind. We are surfing along. For few hours though since it becomes too strong and we choose to call it a day. Still, 20nm. What a difference with the tacking experience!! 

Seb and Eric take advantage of the spare time to pump and filter some water in order to collect micro plastic for future analyzations. They also drill the ice to measure its thickness. Adventure with purposes 👏👏👏

Tomorrow, alarm will ring between 1 and 4am. We leave early, as soon as the wind drops. We might have 3 days of good sailing. Time for progress…

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  1. Bon voyage homewards! It could freeze early. We think the AMO cool phase has begun, or at least lagged effects from the ‘Quiet Sun’ . Bottom water has been cooler for a handful of years now…….. You folk provide real evidence whichever way it goes, so thanks!
    (My home is Ruawai, on the large Kaipara Harbour, and I have two 14ft catamarans to play and explore in my retirement. No ice-hopping for me now though.) Cheers from Brett

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