Day 58 – Chocolate, coffee and cigars.

We stay at camp today. Well let’s put it this way. We haven’t moved ourselves but we have drifted North. We are currently at 79*35. 10nm further North. Indeed the wind is blowing from the South, just to tease us ;-). Important to remind you guys: it is only the 3rd time of the expedition that we drift North! However, the wind is turning North tomorrow and for the next 4 days at least. 

Today, we relax. Reading again, texting sms to family, friends and partners, playing chest…  Breaking news! Eric just won at the chest. It’s 4-4 between him and Seb. They play out of 5. Tension is rising, for real 😅

Back in Prudhoe, I bought few thin cigars. On expeditions, I like smoking. Rarely though. But when there is something to celebrate or i order to help recovering from tough decision, the cigar makes me happy and peaceful. Tomorrow, we head South. Another start. So time for a chocolate, a coffee and a cigar. Hell yeah! The three together makes a perfect team. Just like the “Babouch-Tyeam” 😜

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  1. Hi Vincent, I’m following your trip daily and thinking of you all. What an expedition ! Cannot wait to speak to you on your return. Bron

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