Day 57 – Tough decision. We are turning back.

For the past 10-12 days, the wind has been blowing from the North significantly slowing our progression down. 14h/day were barely enough to cover 20+ nautical miles, without mentioning the drift taking us sometimes 10nm   South during our sleep.

By the end of the day yesterday, inside the boat, Seb went “Aie!”. I though he did hurt himself. I would have never guessed it was about the weather forecast. The day after tomorrow, another 7 day window of Northern winds will occur. Time to re-consider…

It’s day 57, we are at 1/3 of the complete route. Our food security margin is now gone and we have nearly not seen any seals to hunt. The jaws of the winter are approaching and by end of September the game will change. The math is clear. Consequences can be serious in this part of the world! 

It is very tough taking that decision. Seb, Eric and myself come to the same conclusion. We have to turn back South. We would feel much better to get back to civilization ourselves rather than risking to be rescued. 

Today, the mood is still good. We are still happy and feel lucky to be here, in this magical place that we cherish so much. And we will take advantage as much as we can on the way back. Arctic Ocean, we love you.

The adventure isn’t over though! We still have 10 degrees, 600nm, of latitude to go all the way back to the Inuit village of Tuktoyaktuk, Canada. “Tuk” is right outside the Mc Kenzie River and it will be our final destination. ETA, hopefully in 3-4 weeks. 

Guys! We’ll share the adventure all the way back home. 

Tonight “Magret de Canard fumé” and “Boudin au riz”. Cheers from the “Babouch-Tyeam” 🤙✌️

3 Replies to “Day 57 – Tough decision. We are turning back.”

  1. Bravo, cousin, pour votre belle sagesse et pour cette magnifique aventure !
    Après tout, l’important n’est pas tant le but que le chemin …
    Grosses bises de la future romaine aux trois phoques 🙂

  2. Hey Vince, proud of you – brave decision but as usual, a very un-selfish one otherwise someone would have to rescue you i.e. you cannot run out of food. Amazing adventure in the Arctic Ocean – life cannot get any better than that. Love the menu, you are a class act. My Dear Friend – glad you are safe and are not going to starve – we need you in Antarctica! YDF, Maria Gros bisous (will explain that particular joke when I see you..)p.s Nick has bought me a Garmin Inreach and is bring it out to HI next week. We should be able to exchange messages on that.

  3. Wise move Vince. Weather was closing in, and the future cannot be assured. We seem to be watching an early AMOC switch, though it can still ease off for some years. Just not right now….
    What folk like yourself record is valuable to Polar science. The Best of Luck from Brett in NZ..

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