Day 51 – Some wind, yes. Wrong direction, yes too.

6am, the Red Hot Chili Peppers song “Parallel Universe” goes on inside my sleeping bag. I am in charge of preparing breakfast. Porridge and dried food are now ready, and the coffee gets us warmer. 

Outside, we are right at the boarder between the clear sky in the South and a sea of grey clouds in the North. 

The morning is fun! We go towards the NE, 30
degrees. It’s few hundred yards of water then a stretch of ice. So sailing, trekking, sailing, trekking. Again and again. We don’t get neither too warm not too cold. We are feeling good! 

By 1pm, the terrain changes a bit and the visibility becomes poor. Tacking in small channels of water doesn’t get us very far. Trekking and pulling the boat on the snow is probably a better option. Calling it a day here could be another one. “Ok, let’s have a coffee!” The day won’t be long as stronger northern winds will blow in the end of the afternoon.

We all agree that going straight North, trekking and pulling “Babouch-Ty”, is the best option. At least we can compensate the Southern drift we’ll have during our sleep. We sweat in our dry suit but soon find some water again. The visibility is clearing a bit. Off we go, 2 reefs in the main sail and the small foc. Seb is steering and Eric’s dealing with foc. The short swell breaks our speed and tacking is tougher. We aren’t covering much distance… We quickly stop. The ice axe, which serves as anchor, is now secured on the ground, tent is up in the cockpit and sails are down. 

Let’s hope the wind turns! 

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