Day 5 – Last piece of land, an island called Narwhal

Last piece of land, an island called Narwhal.
We covered 6 nm. Our legs and arms work out hard as we progress through a beautiful day. Warm though. The very low wind barely helps moving the boat. 

The coastal ice between the land and the outer island is flat. We have the impression to walk in the middle of an ice sheet. Eric is in the front pulling with the help of a strap, Seb and I are in the back pushing on their legs like rugby players in the pack. The we change position. It is mainly hard surface. From time to time, we go through the ice. Lots of ponds are around.

They are fortunately knee high max which allows us not to wear the dry suits. Our dry suits are such a great piece of gear in case we would go all the way deep down through a thin layer of ice. However, all the sweat is kept inside! It’s a matter of knowing the terrain and judging when to wear the full dress. Sebastian is good at it. 

Goal reached! We are on the side of a last piece of land. It’s Narwhal island.  Let’s leave the boat and go explore! We saw bear tracks. I love the feeling about being on a polar bear territory. It makes the atmosphere so unique. I touch the ground with my hand and enjoy the warmth of it. Hopefully, the next time this happens, it will be in Svalbard, on the other side of the Pole…

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