Day 48 – Despite the headwind.

We still manage to sail 37nm. 2/3 are in the North! We are now at 77 degrees 38 minutes North. Feels good! We give our best. At the moment, we stop in the evening for a 5-6 hours sleep time. Days out are about 15-17 hours long. 
NW is our bearing these days. We are trying to avoid bigger ice to the NE. 

11.41, we are at camp. The golden light shine its best on “Babouch-ty”. Hmmmm, the warmth of the sun. 

Ok time to hit the bag and also time for a foot massage with some fat, need to warm our cold little toes. 

Guys! Feel free to send us some more warmth and sunny days. Will be well appreciated 😉

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  1. Good work there! Fingers crossed for the weather. Water and/or air temperatures would be appreciated, now there are no polar buoys for us interested observers. The AMOC is trying to overturn, but how would we know ………Brett Keane

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