Day 44 – Next call tomorrow.

Hey guys, how is your 1st of August? On our side, it’s a day off. We stay at camp. Not because we need to rest though. 

The wind, blowing from the North, is too strong. Believe it or not, it’s too much open ocean around us and since there isn’t much ice, the swell is forming. It makes it too risky for us to navigate. Before, we were looking for water to sail and now it’s too open. Always something ;-)…

So we repair, relax and read. And sleep extra hours. Later, Eric and I go with Seb as he plans to collect some samples of water for future micro-plastic analyzations and also some ice from the surface for cryoconite research (particules that falls on the ice). Seb is collaborating with labs back in France so the idea is to deliver these samples at the end of the journey. 

8.06pm, it’s cooked. What? “Curry d’Agneau citronnelle” homemade by Lise, Seb’s girlfriend. 

9.33pm, chest, tea and chocolate. 

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