Day 43 – Finding the fine line.

Wind is blowing too much this morning so we let ourselves sleep. And we can! Especially since yesterday we did 70nm! 

Today’s about finding the right balance between making progress but staying safe. The wind is against us. When there isn’t much ice, the swell gets bigger. 3 feet waves and 25 knots headwind are enough to lift one of the floater. Ending in the water here wouldn’t be fun! It’s probably slightly under zero… 

We sail and quickly take the boat out on patch of ice, waiting for the wind to decrease. We set the tent in the cockpit to stay warm. Stand by. We hit the water again. Seb is on watch the rest of the evening. I am sitting in the small corridor ready to help. It’s Eric’s turn to be resting. Wind is supposed to increase tomorrow so we have to find a place to camp. It’s all open ocean at 75*30” North in the Beaufort sea. Fortunately, at around 9.30pm we find a good place to pull the boat on the ice. The wind tomorrow might break the rotten patches, we are safe here. 

10.39pm, GPS says 22,5nm. 

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