Day 42 – Poncho, mittens and 75 degrees*!

*(Not the temp, the latitude 😜)

10pm, we are currently sailing. Eric is on watch, steering at 6 knots. Seb and I are sharing not even 2 square meters resting in our sleeping bags. Our feet are cold. But we are good! 

The first morning run is fun. Tailwind 15knots, perfect. Visibility: good. The fog comes mid morning and we enter in a wet zone. The rain starts. It’s poncho time! 

Back in 2013, I skied in Patagonia with my good friend and expedition partner, Børge Ousland. Since Patagonia and the rain which can occur even on icecaps, I am not leaving for a wet expedition without my poncho. Lesson learned…

However, sailing, it can be tricky to deal with it when we urgently need to move in the cockpit. We keep it for smooth conditions. 

From 7am until now, we have been on the water towards the North West. We’ll push it until the wind turns to the North, around midnight, and camp. If it doesn’t we do a quick stop to collect some fresh water and on our way to 76 North! 

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  1. Hey Vince,

    I am reading your blog every morning. You sent a very lovely message to me the other day which has helped me in Hong Kong. You always say such nice things about me and thank you for saying I am tough and kind and great. You are so kind – you are the best, the toughest of the toughest and super talented! You are right that pushing the boundaries makes us grow. HK is hectic, working hard and sometimes late. Trying to work out the food a bit more, it can be good if you know where to look. Everything is expensive. People are nice, I knew 5 of them from London. The good news is that I have joined an amazing gym and now have a personal weights trainer and trying to push it a bit. The trouble is right now it is super hot so doing long runs outside is a problem but there are lots of trails I can walk on for hours so I will be doing that. I arrive in Ushuaia on 25th Dec, on Christmas Day so will come and meet you. Christmas together – woo! Following you each morning, sounds like it is gong super well and soon 76 degree. YDF (your dear friend), Maria p.s Nick is doing well thank you and following you too.

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