Day 41 – Let the rain fall

6am, the alarm rings. Feels colder this morning. We can see some ice that has accumulated on the ropes during the “night”. I write “night” since it’s 24h daylight up here. We quickly boil some water and hit the ocean. Breakfast later while sailing! We have to take advantage of the wind as much as we can. It’s our only support. 

The tail wind blows, we are sailing. Many times throughout the day, we go over the ice ski sailing. The water doesn’t connect all the way so it goes water, ice, water and on… When not Not much time to get some rest today between watches as we are nearly on deck all the time. The rain starts, it’s grey and just a few degrees above zero. Summer holidays ;-)? We are wet. 

Later in the afternoon, Seb is steering. Eric and I are just going inside when Seb decides to shorten the day. The wind blows harder and the situation is tricky to handle. “Let’s go to the next patch of ice and stop!”. We take the main sail down as we arrive near the edge. We are on the ice, fortunately near by pressure ridge where a melted pond is at its bottom. Fresh water! Nice. Clic, clic, clic, clic, the rain goes on…

We go inside our bag to dry. And the rest of the day goes by.

Cheers from the steel grey Arctic! 

Tomorrow 5am.

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