Day 38 – Let the wind blow

The forecast was right, it’s blowing 20-25 knots. We stay where we are. «Babouch-ty» is anchored with two ice axes, one on each side, connected to a rope. 

20-25 knots on an open ocean means good wind speed to cover some distance. Up here,  the game changes and it is already a bit dangerous with all the ice around us. And the boat is 23 feet. 

Good news! A high pressure is supposed to take over from tomorrow and on for the next 10 days. Let’s hope we get to 80 degrees North! 

So it’s a day off for the 3 of us and for her. We spend most of the day in our bags. It’s a good opportunity to do some repairs. Needles and threads are on duty. 

By the end of the afternoon, the weather improves. The wind is still strong though. It becomes beautiful when the sun appears and lighten the turquoise of the melted ponds and the dark blue of the ocean. 

At the moment, Seb and Eric are currently playing chest. The game was homemade by Eric, using a plate of carbon. He fabricated the players using the plastic lid of a finished chocolate box. “Me**e!” goes Eric. Seb just takes away his tower, and his queen! “Ahahah” Seb is loosing it, laughing. Eric replies “game isn’t over!”. It feels good to share what’s happening here with you guys. Seb takes the win. It’s now 1-1. 

10min to a spicy chicken with rice.

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