Day 35 – Sailing, sailing

Sailing, sailing. 

The alarm rings later this morning, at 9am since we went to to bed 6 hours before. We take a little more time because a light clic, clic, clic, clic, clic from the rain is here. It is supposed to stop soon. It does, around noon. We’d rather start the day dry. Last night was wet! 

Where are we on the polar ocean? There is lots of ice to the WNW and open water to the NE. We are in between the two. 

The day goes by quickly as we sail from mid day to 11pm and cover 21nm. The temperature are dropping through the evening. The sea is nearly freezing again. The wind is dropping too and Seb decides to stop. “Better wait to get some rest and wait for the wind, tomorrow!”. We find a nice floating dock. Harbors aren’t expensive up here;-). 

The camp is quite magical. The light fog filters the golden sunset, the water is like a frozen mirror and here and there some ice… The Arctic is showing her beauty.

Bonne nuit!

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