Day 33 – 71 degrees North guys!!

71 degrees North guys!!

23,6 nautical miles today. It starts pulling and pushing. It ends sailing and drinking tea. 

We cover 8nm on the ice in the morning and the afternoon. In the sky, we can see some darks clouds. We hope it’s the open water. 

Mid afternoon, the fog surrounds and it’s hard to know where to go, we stop for a coffee. Then, it clears. The whole sky is still overcasted. Couple of places, the clouds are way darker! The ice reflects white in a cloudy sky whereas the open water reflects dark grey. We are aiming straight to the dark grey. “Water!!”. It happens in two steps. First, we encounter water for a short while before getting back on the ice. Second, we meet the water again when the fog reappears. At that time, we can’t imagine that we’ll be sailing until late evening. And we do. We nearly dont’t see ice anymore and are actually looking for fresh water to drink. Who would have thought so? After a cup of Tea, Seb goes “71 degrees!”. That’s it, we just passed latitude 71 degrees North guys! Ok, let’s not “sell the skin before having the bear shot”. There is still 29 degrees to go until Svalbard ;-).

We sail until 10.30pm. Would love to continue through “night time” until tomorrow but Seb needs to do some repairs on the rudder. Better be wise on this one and have a safe long day tomorrow. Because at the moment, you have to have your foot from time to time on the rudder when you steer so it doesn’t go up. 

We find a good pact of ice floating in open water. “This will be our camp for the night”, “…and there is fresh water!”

It’s 11.30pm. What a day! 

Yeeewwww! 🤙😃

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