Day 31 – Cheddar mon amour

Cheddar mon amour. 

We are happy! The terrain is improving… and the wind is from the side blowing 20 knots pushing « Babouch-Ty » towards the North-East. By the end of the day, the GPS shows 11nm. It is so far our breaking distance record! Of course, 11nm isn’t much when you scale it  back to the total distance between Alaska and Svalbard, which is 1750nm. But if we compare today to the previous 30 days, 11nm is our best result

It’s 7.45pm, we celebrate with Cheddar. We celebrate the 11nm but also the fact that it is our last evening with Cheddar. Question: if you were to place 2 sticks of Cheddar under your lips and on each side of your mouth, which animal of the Arctic would you refer to? 

Every day evening since we left Narwhal island, 20 days ago, the Cheddar moment was something we cherished like a ritual that you wouldn’t miss. It meant the day was over and comfortably inside the cockpit tent we could appreciate its gentle savor. We’ll miss you buddy Cheddar, RIP. 

The good news is that we have something new coming up. When we did the inventory, I spotted 4 prosciutto hams. From now on, the Cheddar will leave its place to the Prosciutto. I have proposed to the guys to use one of the hams as my pillow… Negotiation was not even an option. Pffff! Old men ;-). 

Apart from this, we are now drifting at speed 1knot towards the South-East…. Hmmm. But I shouldn’t mention this as today was so great!

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