Day 30 – The show goes on

The show goes on, day 30. 

Once upon a time, 3 donkeys were pulling and pushing, sometimes forward sometimes reverse, a sail-ski boat on the sea ice of the Arctic Ocean and offshore the Northern Alaskan coast… Donkeys aren’t very common in this part of the world though. Some do, the Arctic donkeys. Legends say they are very rare 😉

Today, we did 3 nautical miles. Our highlight of the day happens in the middle of the afternoon. The wind picks up to 20 knots 3/4 from the back. The boat rides by itself. We are nearly surfing along. Good fun! Until we hear a big crack. Seb goes  « Slack!! ». Eric, in the back gives slack on the main sail. « We have been a little crazy » I whisper. One of the carbon tube in the front partially broke. We finally continues the route with a better control and decide to stop earlier to repair. Again, Seb does a great job. 

Later in the evening, the clic clic clic of the rain starts but the dehydrated beef stew with veggies is ready. 

22.22pm, time to rest our lower back. 

Cheers from the 3 donkeys!

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