Day 3 – Mud is over

Mud is over. The ice has come. 

We spend the day looking for a way out of the delta of the “Sag river”. The fog is here and there. The shallow waters too. We sail against the wind. Seb is steering while Eric and I, in the front on each ponton, either paddle or plunge the paddle down to measure the depths. We shout “50cm!” “1 meter!” The boat can navigate on 30 cm of water, not less though. We make progress, we stop, we jump off the boat, we turn around. 

On and on, the day goes by in the delta. When we are stuck, one of us keeps the boat and the two others check around where the right passage would be. It looks like smooth waters to sail it is still a labyrinth due to the shallow depth. The fog doesn’t help. What matters here is to not hesitate changing route instead of pulling half a tone in 20 cm high waters straight North. 

From right to left, the ice of the Arctic Ocean is ahead of us. We are tempted to go to the West but that will lead us to close to land. Going North now is too early. So we head East. 

By the end of the day, the gps indicates 10nm. We are now surrounded by ice and glad to spend our first nice on frozen ground.

Bonne nuit! 

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