Day 29 – Who’s got my book?

Who’s got my book?

There is about 4 square meters in the cabin where we sleep. At the highest, it is 80 cm, not even 3 feet. It means that when the three of us are inside, we have clearly a certain proximity. Eric is on one side, Seb in the middle and I am on the other side.

On this trip, I brought a Kindle with different books, Fridtjof Nansen, Hubert Reeves, Jørn Riel, Don Miguel Ruiz, Mike Horn and also some talking about politics. I thought some variety would make me happy. 

I am here inside my sleeping bag, texting on my phone. I turn around to change position. Seb is reading on the Kindle he borrowed and Eric is right behind reading that same page. I smile and silently snap a shot. 

Later, I realize that there isn’t so many books onboard and we spend every evening reading. The demand is greater than the offer, there is definitely a potential market here! Every evening, we each have a candi (still we do but not for long anymore) after dinner. Maybe I should rent my Kindle for some candies?

Cheers from the frozen ocean 😉

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