Day 28 – Terrain improves

Terrain improves. 

It’s another atmosphere this morning. The calm sunshine has left. It’s grey and a bit windy. The Ocean is still beautiful though, showing its power. 

We leave our small patch of ice and move on. It’s half ice floes half water. Delicious!

Progressing in this type of terrain takes a lot of energy for such a low result. “Ok, let’s find a better zone!” We spend some precious time doing a reco for finally finding a better area where we will able to progress smoother. Good! 

The patches are getting bigger and we even use the paddles to progress. The water is dark and the ice right under the surface shows a magnificent blue, like the lagoon of French Polynesia! It feels way better to be here rather than further West where the ice floes are messing against each other. 

It has been a good day that ends with a « Chili con Carne »…

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