Day 27 – French Soccer!

French Soccer!

Since the beginning of the expedition, I enjoy being in touch with my friends. Lately, I talked with Sylvain “LK”, one of my best buddy back home, about the World Cup. We agreed that he would send me a report from the bar that I would then share with Seb and Eric on Sunday 15th of July. 

When I wake up, I check the phone and read 26 messages. 21 are from Sylvain “ LK”! From start to end, he has been commentating the match for us, even the stats are there! We keep on chatting as the final is still live until Sylvain goes: “Champion du Monde!!!!” and “I think I’m not going to work tomorrow :-)”. Ahahahahah!!! 

I share the whole report with Seb and Eric and it makes us talk and laugh through the morning. We don’t know much about football but come on, World Champ!!! Yeeewwwww!! 

I imagine my friends back home singing, dancing and partying so hard that it brings a big smile on my face, here inside my sleeping bag. 

Thanks my dear Sylvain “LK” and also cheers to Manu and Theo for sending updates about it!! 
As a team sport, I like better rugby. But France being in final of the World Cup and winning is still something so special!! That will give some good energy for lots of French people…

On our side and together with the Northern drift, we are playing labyrinth with the ice and  have done 1,5nm since yesterday evening. Not much but still, North! Keep positive. 

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