Day 24 – Walking on eggs gets you wet

Walking on eggs gets you wet. 

The map received this morning still indicates a high concentration of ice surroundings us. Lots of ice has been pushed with the wind and the currents from last winter. 

“Let’s give it a go and see what the day brings”. From the day before we knew that the onward ground was full of hidden traps. 

The snow doesn’t have the consistency around here. It’s a warm melting the ice quick!  And depending where we put our feet it can take us straight down through that thin layer. The chest game starts! 

The one pulling in the front, from a distance, doesn’t have the help of the boat if the ground disappears under its weight. The three of us gets wet, one after the other. We laugh at each other. Towards the end, I am in the front and share my feelings about the next steps I have ahead. I still give it a try until graouchhh!! All the way to the hip, the water enters easily inside my pant and connect smoothly inside my boots. Seb quickly arrives to help me get out. Fortunately, the edge was strong enough and I climb back. We laugh agsin! We do because it’s a sunny and warm day with no wind. Like holidays, right? 

In French, we say “marcher sur des œufs”. Literally translated it is in English “walking on eggs”. Not sure if it means something though, ahahahah! But this is the feeling we had during the whole work out today.

The Artic ice has won the chest tournament. Looks like we aren’t even in the same category. Are we actually playing the same game? Conclusion: we call it a day early in the afternoon, our progress’s slow anyway. 

Arctic, we still love you.

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