Day 23 – Inventory, shower and summer vacation

Inventory, shower and summer vacation.

Seb and Eric go in the front scouting the route. I leave the boat and quickly get back to her to take the bear spray… never know. If we are on seal territory, we might be on polar bear playground, right? 

The ice is soft and we all get our boots wet. After some short distance reco, we get together again and Seb goes « Let’s have a coffee and chat… ». We are day 23 and we have some concerns about the amount of food left. Around a coffee, we talk and decide to spend the day doing an inventory of all the provisions we have and to inflate the right ponton. Few hours later, we can count 86 days of food, which we could extend if we split our rations. Moreover, if we hunt seals on the way that will be a big bonus of protein. 

It’s 4pm, the sun is shining high. I walk away from the boat with clean underwears on my hand and locate a small pond. No time to waste with that shinning sun. I get naked and enjoy the water on my body. It’s fresh! But so good! I feel fortunate being here. In the same time, I wash my clothes and hang them on the boat. The warmth of the carbon helps drying…

Let’s see what the day brings tomorrow. Yewww!

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