Day 21 – Slowly but North

Slowly but North. 1nm. 

What a Monday morning looks up here? Seb receives an ice chart showing the density of the ice. It takes our mood down as we clearly see see the belt of ice touching the Alaskan coast. It’s still no country for a sailing boat… We have to give our best though, and we do it!

The cockpit tent is rolled and placed inside the cabin. All our stuff are packed there too. We are ready to move. Our routine is improving.

It’s up and down, left and right. Seb moves some ice floes to improve the way while Eric and I pull at a distance. We have to find the best route possible for us and for the boat.

6.30pm, time to get inside “ Babouch’ty”. She’s been a boat for the day and she is now our home sweet home. 

8.05pm, “pattes bolognaises” is served. 

Bon appétit!

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