Day 2 – It’s difficult to control in situation you can’t control

It’s difficult to control in situation you can’t control. 

We descended the « Sag » river for about 28 nautical miles. We sailed and paddled. Two in the front and one in the back. I am together with Eric in the front, paddle in the hand. Seb is in the back steering and dealing with the sails. 

It’s the first time of my life that I sail down a river. The wind was blowing straight in the nose so we had to zig zag down. What a unique set up. I imagine the birds seeing us and wondering «what are these guys doing? Weird humans… » .

It became more tricky further down when both sides of the river were covered of a short wall of ice with sharp edges. Eric and I paddle and Seb steers, until he goes  « there’s nothing we can do here!”. The boat goes down nearly backwards and we head straight towards the ice edge. The boat hurts the ice. Fortunately, the bow isn’t hurted, but there is a pipe of carbon on the left that cracked. “Merde!” goes Seb. I imagine the frustration when you build your own boat and it gets damaged on Day 2. However it’s not a major issue and he is very good at fixing. 

It’s 8pm. Time for “Choux Rouge avec Agneau”. Dinner is good and served. 

We are moored along the “Sag” river. Two ice axes are holding the boat in place. We are 5nm from the ocean. Looking forward!

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