Day 19 – The right dose of exercice

The right dose of exercice. 

In the back of the boat this morning, we drink « un café en terrasse » while the sun warms the atmosphere. No rush today as we are still surrounded by ice. We have to progress but not worth being exhausted. In these kind of conditions, we still need to be patient. We will have some longer days when the ice opens up.

For now, the zig zag party continues, sometimes North, sometimes East. « Let’s do a reco! » « Yeah, it looks to be doable here! » The work out is intense. The fun part comes when we have to jump from one unstable ice floe to an other. It’s definitely a matter of knowing what weight it will support before sinking. Better be quick! 

We do 1nm towards the North, again. Ouhhhh! Looking forward to cover some bigger distances ;-).


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