Day 16 – Give it a try, you will know…

Give it a try, you will know…

This morning the weather is grey, the visibility is poor and the wind blows 15-20 knots. The boat is moored on an ice patch. We are on the fine line between: “should we go or should we stay”? We have to progress but there are lots of floating blocks drifting all around us. The boat is heavy loaded, Eric and myself aren’t yet comfortable in these conditions. We call it a day for now. 

Around noon, the conditions improve and we decide to give it a try. On the way out, a part of the steering set up breaks. We stay ashore and Seb does a great job repairing. 

Finally, we leave our camp and sail. It is about finding passages of water, jumping from an ice floe to the next, helping the boat to navigate, one floater riding the water the other grinding the ice… 2 hours later, we call it day. Better be wise. 

It is a slow start, yes. There is a big belt of ice on the Northern coast of Alaska. The boat and the three of us are now part of it. However, it’s still the beginning of the summer season, we are in a good position for when the ice opens up, there is a great energy with Seb and Eric and the boat is dam good! 

It’s 10pm, we just move the boat 100 feet because a big patch of ice just dislocked the one we were camping on. 

Welcome to the Arctic Ocean! 
Talk tomorrow 😉

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