Day 15 – The boat is where it belongs

The boat is where it belongs. 

Clic, clic, clic, clic… The light rain continues to drop until we wake up. The mist surrounds us but the sun isn’t far. It’s time to go.

Nothing is better than starting the day pulling a sailboat on a broken ice terrain, right? We wear our dry suits and already we feel the sweat. Yummy! 

However, the boat is where it belongs. On the water! We spend the rest of the day navigating  through the floating ice. From time to time, Seb flies the drone to find the way. It saves us a lot of time! Despite our efforts, we only cover 4,5 nm towards the North by the end of the day. Fingers crossed for more open cracks tomorrow. It is still ice country here. The good news is that we are currently drifting NE, 300 feet just the time to eat dinner. 

Sweet dreams while we drift! North please. 

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