Day 14 – 1,2nm. And 100 meters on the water like a proper boat ;-)

1,2nm. And 100 meters on the water like a proper boat ;-).

It’s calm here on the Arctic Ocean. The sun is up shining its magical morning light. 

It’s no country for a sailing vessel in the pack ice of the Artic Ocean. But we still progress! We unload some heavy bags and carry them like donkeys to the next ridge in order to work with a lighter vessel. We spend 2,5 hours going over the ridge this morning. Our ridge where we commit is the lowest one we find in the suburbs. 

At some places, huge blocks of ice are pushed up against each other forming 15-20 foot pressure ridges. The power of Mother Nature leaves me speechless. 

We zig zag in the pack, pushing and pulling. Our hands are feeling the pressure. Not only does the ridges pressured but our hands are also under important efforts. 

We stop, drink a tea and eat some nuts. Seb takes advantage of the good weather to fly the drone. This helps us a lot finding our way but the ice is anyway pretty broken all around us. He might have found a short stretch of water though. Later today, we even crossed a « lake » where our speed goes to 2,5 knots!

It’s 6pm when we finally call it a day. The boat needs some repairs. 

« Apéritif! » Eric cuts some cheddar and some carrots. For dinner, we have some pastas and even the third of an apple each. Apple doesn’t grow well around here so we take the time to appreciate each bite. 

10.10pm, clic, clic, clic, clic, clic… the rain starts. Let’s hide in the bag. 

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