Day 12 – Straight towards broken ice

Straight towards broken ice. 

Morning. It’s time to leave Narwhal island and head North. At the begin, we follow a crack in the ice. Eric fells in the water, I fell twice. “Good that we have the dry suits today” declares Seb. 

It’s our first pretty physical day. The terrain is smooth until the afternoon. Short bumps and small ridges are surroundings us. «1,2,3!» one pulls, two push. And again, one pond of ice after the other. «1,2,3!», pause, play, pause, play, and repeat. 

We stop the day before the terrain gets worse, anchor the boat with an ice axe facing the wind, and leave her alone for a while. We go scouting the pressure ridges in front of us. It’s a vast chaos of ice, broken. What’s next is bound to be tough! Let’s keep it for tomorrow and get back to the boat for a warm “Chili con carne”! 

We were at 70’23” North this morning, we are now at 70’28”. 5 nautical miles. Good enough for the day. 

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