Day 11 – AirDrop!


Instead of progressing on the ice, we are still in the bag. It’s 10am. Would you like a cup of Tea? 

The weather outside is still grey, foggy and our chances of resupply this morning can be forgotten. It is what it is. We still hope though! Our outdoor activity is to go walking on the beach and look for duck eggs. Two “Madame Canne” have been generous, we collect 5 eggs! One each and the two others for tomorrow

Again in the bag, we are now reading. “It’s clearing outside!” The sun breaks through! Wrong alert. Back to grey and back to reading. Hmmm… 

Later in the evening, the weather starts to be better again. We don’t give much attention to it, pretending we don’t care. But hoping so bad the good weather will stabilize. That evening, the clouds disappear one after the other and it becomes blue bird. I am texting Mike and Bob the pilots sharing some weather updates. On their side in Deadhorse, it’s bad. No visibility.9.48pm, the GPS beeps “We are on the way. Be ready”. At 10.15pm, the bush plane is above us and drops more than 10 bags, 2 by 2 to along the beach airstrip.

The adventure starts! We leave Narwhal island tomorrow

Where? North!

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