Day 10 – 3 eggs make our day

3 eggs make our day. 

Yesterday during dinner, we sat in the cockpit of the boat. I received a message from Mike « We come tonight ». It was 8.38 pm. Happy, I share the news with Seb and Eric. Mike or his friend Bob is going to deliver all the food supply we have ordered. 

We went out and prepared the landing area. Some cleaning and some marking needed to be done. We did so. « All clear for landing » but Mike went « no landing, air drop ». He continued « 1 jour ».That’s fine with us. We sat in the sand scouting the horizon, waiting. At 11pm, our hopes slowly disappeared. « We just got fog. Not coming tonight. Give me your weather at 10AM tomorrow please ». 

Today 10am « Hi Mike, report from Narwhal Island. Visibility is poor.  Wind 15 knots from East. Will keep you updated. ». The day goes by. The program of the day? Same as yesterday… 

We decide to get out of our sleeping bags around noon and take a walk on the island. On the way, a female duck flies away from us. Late take off! Is she hiding some fresh eggs? Wow! 3 eggs are lying here, still warm, inside the ground nest. Later on, we decide to call her « Madame Canne». 

Even though we are still waiting for that food resupply, there is a great atmosphere between the three of us. I have the feeling that we could form a strong team! 

Oh yes! I forget. Thank you « Madame Canne », your eggs were delicious! ;-). 

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