Day 1

Last Saturday, Léa and I left each other at Paris airport, CDG. We had been working the whole week on a commercial shoot for Mercedes. The week was intense and suddenly Lea was travelling to Tahiti and myself to Alaska. Lea will be working on another shoot, documentary style this time as she is the protagonist of the episode 2 of a TV serie “Livjng Simply”. On my side, I am getting ready to commit to my longest expedition, crossing the Arctic Ocean from Alaska to Svalbard (Norway) via the North Pole.

Couple of days ago, I joined Sebastien, Eric, their family and Arnaud the camera man in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Sebastian is the captain of the trip and Eric his good friend. They have been on a sailing expedition together in the past back in 2007. I am glad to join these guys as I feel we will be on the same page regarding safety. When I see their wife and kids, I can only think of two adventurous persons with the right attitude towards safety. 

It’s Tuesday, 19th of June. Our day 1. We still need to wait for a rifle delivery  before the official start. The day before, I checked the rifle we already had and realised the bullets weren’t fitting the rifle. Instead of being long cartridge, the rifle has short cartridge insert. Our bullets don’t fit! Better to see it here and now than later and in he middle of the Arctic Ocean. It’s 1830, our delivery is here. We are moored on the Sag river. After giving our GPS position to some locals, we finally meet them and collect the rifle. The adventure officially starts! We go down the river for few hours, either paddling or walking in the current. There is water in our boots. It’s now 0043, time to sleep. We are still moored along the Sag river. It’s raining…

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