From a body shaking with cold to cruising in the midnight sun, from the wilderness to climate change, here is an opportunity to hear Vincent’s stories!

« I had the great opportunity to make my voice heard at the headquarters of National Geographic in Washington and at Airbus Defence and Space division in France. How about I share it with you too!? »


Vincent gives lectures both in  public and private sectors. He tackles different topics such as:

  • How to prepare physically and mentally before an expedition;
  • What it means to go on an unsupported expedition;
  • The path which lead him to becoming a professional Explorer;
  • Using fear to control and anticipate risks versus fear as a negative emotion;
  • And much more…

Vincent has been exploring for the past 15 years and in such a short time, he has witnessed profound changes in Nature. Through his expeditions, projects and photographs, he hopes to exemplify the following important messages :

  • Show our dependency and connection with Earth’s eco-systems both in the Polar regions and our oceans;
  • Illustrate that climate change is happening now and encourage people to want to be part of a change for the better;
  • Highlight what we can learn from people that live close to Nature and how we can adapt their ways and mindset to our daily, modern life in today’s society.


« The ice is a very fragile element and extremely sensitive to change. The warming of only few degrees makes a big difference in the Polar regions. We are talking about the transformation from ice solid to water liquid. So it means profound changes. Not only does the ice melt, but also all the ecosystem around it largely affected. When the sea ice disappears, it’s the entire hunting ground of the polar bear that is dramatically disturbed. We are also witnessing massive disturbance in tropical waters, for instance.

Coral reefs – “rainforests of the ocean” – are essential components of the marine ecosystems. The amazing process that uses light to make food known as photosynthesis is essential for the life of our coral reefs. Coral reefs provide food and shelter for many species. The anemone is among them. However, coral reefs are dramatically changing. Due to temperature rise in the ocean, the reef is turning white (coral bleaching) and gradually dying. The anemone fish depends on coral reefs to survive, as do many other species…some we have not yet even discovered! High temperatures are melting the ice of the Arctic and at the same time the coral reef is literally becoming a skeleton of its multi-coloured self!. Consequently, both ecosystems are affected. The coral reef is for the anemone fish what the sea ice is for the polar bear. They both depend on their natural habitat. The one provided by Mother Nature, that the human race is gradually exhausting! »