Ice Legacy

A mission to cross the 20 largest glaciers in the world and to raise awareness of preserving the ice and its connected ecosystems.
Icelegacy is Vincent’s main professional activity.

Story : A sensibility for the ice

Back in 2010, Vincent joined an expedition sailing around the North Pole in one single season aboard « Northern Passage » a 31 foot trimaran. The team sailed for 25 days through the North West Passage, this same trip took Amundsen 3 years only a century ago. Børge and Vincent’s rapid progress was made possible because of the melting of the sea ice. It was a real eye-opener for Vincent. The expedition satisfied Vincent’s desire to explore the Polar regions. Subsequently he became acutely concerned by the ice retreat.

Icelegacy : Project and objective

In 2014, Vincent and Børge Ousland, his mentor and expedition partner, created the project Icelegacy, an ongoing series of expeditions crossing the 20 largest ice caps on the planet over the course of the next 10 years. They aim to raise public awareness, garner the attention of governments and give a louder voice to scientists, to increase efforts to slow the disappearance of already dwindling glaciers and connected ecosystems. Glaciers are in fast decline due to climate change, causing the threat of long-term sea level rise. They are a crucial source of fresh water for millions of people worldwide. This long term expedition project will be a catalyst for finding technical and political solutions to the environmental crisis.

Further : Scientific collaboration

It makes sense to Vincent to collaborate with the scientific community by sampling ice on water isotopes and soot. It is a method for getting to know and understand the situation and these places in more depth. It means that we are able to act more efficiently towards the conservation of fragile ecosystems existing around these huge sources of fresh water.

« To me, ice caps are unique playgrounds where I feel alive. I like how they challenge me. But they have no voice, they are fragile and dramatically receding. Not only does the ice melt, but also all the ecosystem around it is heavily affected. Living in the outdoors and connecting with the natural elements has taught me the importance of resource conservation. I think we all have a responsibility towards the conservation of the wilderness. »

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